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Multi-Channel Fulfillment Support

New in CSM for Amazon

Suite Engine, a leading provider of eCommerce integration solutions, has achieved a significant milestone with the latest release of CSM for Amazon. Now available on Microsoft AppSource, this new version introduces multi-channel fulfillment support for Amazon, enhancing Suite Engine’s eCommerce integration offerings. By enabling users to manage Amazon’s multi-channel fulfillment capabilities directly within Business Central, Suite Engine empowers businesses to streamline their operations and improve order fulfillment across multiple eCommerce platforms.

Enhancing Amazon’s Order Fulfillment

Amazon’s acclaimed “Fulfilled by Amazon” (FBA) system enables sellers to send their inventory to Amazon’s storage centers, allowing Amazon to handle order fulfillment on their behalf. Taking it a step further, the multi-channel fulfillment service expands Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities beyond just Amazon orders. It empowers sellers to utilize Amazon’s fulfillment centers for shipping products ordered from various sources, such as other eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Optimizing Operations with CSM for Amazon

Integrating multi-channel fulfillment support into CSM for Amazon introduces exciting opportunities for streamlined order management within Business Central. Consider a scenario where a company sells products on both Amazon and Shopify. By leveraging CSM integrations for both platforms, the company can effortlessly import a Shopify order into Business Central and seamlessly generate an Amazon multi-channel fulfillment order based on the new sales order. As Amazon ships the order, all relevant information is automatically synchronized back into Business Central, updating the corresponding sales order and reflecting changes on the external Shopify platform.


We are thrilled to introduce this exciting addition to CSM for Amazon, as it harnesses the full potential of CSM’s greatest strength: multi-channel eCommerce support. This goes beyond CSM simply connecting multiple eCommerce platforms to a single Business Central environment. We’re now adding functionality that allows for integration between the channels themselves.

~ Steve Reynolds, Senior Product Manager | Suite Engine, LLC


Additional Improvements and Features

While multi-channel fulfillment support takes center stage in this release, Suite Engine has also introduced other notable enhancements to CSM for Amazon, including:

1. Amazon Product Data Integration

Users can load Amazon product data directly into Business Central, providing seamless integration with CSM listings and simplifying the listing creation process.

2. Inventory Availability Retrieval

The latest release lets users retrieve inventory availability information for multiple CSM listings simultaneously. This feature enhances inventory management capabilities, allowing businesses to make informed decisions about stock levels across various channels.

The latest release of CSM for Amazon by Suite Engine represents a significant step forward in eCommerce integration solutions. With multi-channel fulfillment support, businesses can seamlessly manage order fulfillment across multiple platforms. This includes Amazon and external channels like Shopify, all from within Business Central. Suite Engine continues to enhance its offerings, empowering businesses to optimize their eCommerce operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

For comprehensive information on this release, please refer to the CSM for Amazon product documentation and release notes provided by Suite Engine.


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