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Refund Retrieval is Now Available with CSM for BigCommerce

Suite Engine’s initiative to bring refund capabilities to its supported eCommerce platforms saw the completion of another significant milestone with the publication of a new version of CSM for BigCommerce to Microsoft AppSource this week. This release includes the ability to retrieve refunds from BigCommerce into Business Central. From this data, CSM can then build and post a credit memo for the appropriate refund amount. This credit memo is posted against the appropriate invoice entry in the customer ledger.

CSM for BigCommerce UpdateWith this release, CSM for BigCommerce joins Suite Engine’s Shopify and WooCommerce extensions in being able to support the retrieval of refunds from an eCommerce platform. Next up is bringing the BigCommerce application to full parity with these other platform integrations by adding bidirectional functionality that lets a user generate a return from within Business Central and then send it out to the external channel.

While the retrieval of refunds from BigCommerce is arguably the most significant feature of this new release, a number of other exciting improvements have been introduced, as well:

  • Multiple CSM categories can be assigned to a CSM product listing. This supports scenarios where a single product could be classified under multiple groupings (for example, a women’s shirt that needs to be associated with both the “Women’s” and “Shirts” categories).
  • While previously, the BigCommerce integration was only able to send configurable or variable item attributes from a CSM listing in Business Central, this functionality has been expanded to include any attribute that is associated with the item.

For complete details of this release, please see the CSM for BigCommerce product documentation and/or release notes.


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