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Creating CSM Listings from the Item Card

Introducing a “new way” to create a CSM listing – Perfect for high-volume listing creation!

In this ‘How-To’ video, you will learn how to create an item from within Business Central and then send that item card information to all of the eCommerce channels you mobilize!

Now, you can build CSM listings directly from the item card. CSM listings can be set up for separate CSM sales channels, providing you with greater flexibility in selling the same item from Business Central across multiple eCommerce sites and marketplaces. Traditionally, it was necessary to build these listings from the sales channels themselves, but with the most recent release of Channels Sales Manager (CSM), they can be generated directly from the item card.

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Creating a CSM listing this way allows companies with high-volume listings to continuously add new products to their portfolios. It also allows for a smoother integration process where they can create a new item in Business Central and then immediately build the related CSM listings from it.

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