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Orders by Modified Date – CSM for WooCommerce


CSM for WooCommerce can now retrieve only the orders that have changed since the last API call, simplifying the system, reducing complexity, and improving efficiency.

CSM Notifications Upgrade Instructions

For those using CSM with an existing Business Central environment and WooCommerce installation, the following changes are required to fully leverage the new functionality:

  • Edit the CSM Automation List and verify the following lines are scheduled:
    • WOOCOMMORDERLIST (sequence 200)
  • Edit the CSM Automation List and verify the following lines are not scheduled:
    • WOOCOMMERCEORDERLIST (sequence 240)
    • UPDATEORDER (sequence 250)
    • UPDATEORDERPENDING (sequence 255)
    • UPDATEORDERCOMPLETED (sequence 260)
    • UPDATEORDERONHOLD (sequence 265)
    • UPDATEORDERPROCESSING (sequence 270)


The upgrade instructions provided in this blog post will guide CSM for WooCommerce users through the necessary steps to fully benefit from the Retrieve Orders by Modified Date functionality. Embrace these enhancements and streamline your order management processes for greater success.

For additional information on Enabling the CSM Upgrade Notification view the CSM WooCommerce Order Management Documentation.


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