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CSM for BigCommerce Adds Support for Bi-Directional Refunds and Returns

With the latest release of the CSM for BigCommerce integration between Microsoft’s Business Central ERP system and the BigCommerce eCommerce platform, Suite Engine is excited to offer complete bi-directional refund and return support.

The first half of this functionality was introduced with a previous release of CSM for BigCommerce last September; with this release, CSM was able to retrieve refund information from BigCommerce into Business Central, then automatically create and post a credit memo, applying it to the relevant ledger entries from the original sales order.

With today’s release, Suite Engine now provides companies with the ability to start the process from within the ERP system. Return orders can be generated from BigCommerce orders within Business Central, processed and posted, and then communicated to BigCommerce, where the relevant sales order is updated with the appropriate return information. This supports a broader range of refund and return scenarios and gives those companies who do not wish to initiate returns from within the eCommerce channel a way to keep their data in sync across all platforms.

Returns are a reality for online sellers, and in many cases the business process needs to support the ability to enter of this information within the business software and then push it to the eCommerce site. For example, maybe there’s a dedicated customer service person or department that communicates with the customer as part of the return process. If that person is already working in Business Central as part of their day-to-day activities, it only makes sense that this is the place in which they will enter the return.

Steve Reynolds, Product Manager | Suite Engine

For complete details of this release, please see our CSM for BigCommerce Product Documentation or CSM Release Notes.


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