New CSM for Amazon Release Brings Full SP-API Support

Now available for download from Microsoft AppSource, the newest release of CSM for Amazon realizes Suite Engine’s long-held goal of offering total support for Amazon’s modern SP-API set.

New in Amazon - white chairs While the prior release of CSM for Amazon completed the first phase of this initiative by adding SP-API compatibility for most of the extension’s functional areas, this latest release extends SP-API support to CSM for Amazon’s FBA inventory management module. This was the only component awaiting SP-API refactoring; with the completion of this activity, CSM’s SP-API capabilities are at full parity with the extension’s legacy MWS API functionality.

It is Suite Engine’s recommendation that you test not only the areas specifically addressed within this release but all of your business processes, so that you may confirm that changes introduced in this release have not created issues in other parts of your application. These release notes should be fully reviewed as part of your testing process, as they may include information on new setup and configuration requirements separate.

Features and Functionality

  1. The CSM for Amazon FBA Inventory Management module has been refactored to support Amazon’s modern SP/API set.
  2. Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 (version 20) has been added to CSM for Amazon.
  3. Supporting data retrieval has been added for the following data types: Shipping Methods & Shipping Carriers.
  4. This functionality can simplify setup activities by allowing users to instantly populate CSM tables with records that have been retrieved from a default data load. See the in-depth feature description for more details.
  5. Amazon-specific accommodations have been made to support the addition of a new Channel Shipping Method field has been added to the CSM Shipping Method and CSM Order tables and their related pages in CSM Core. This field replaces the existing Ship Service Level field, which is where an external platform’s retrieved shipment method code was stored. The existing field entered these retrieved values as Business Central codes, which resulted in a format that was incompatible with some platforms. The new field retrieves these values as text, which will support all data retrieval scenarios. See the upgrade instructions for more details.
  6. The ability to print item labels for FBA inbound shipments has been added to CSM for Amazon.
  7. For deployments using Amazon’s modern SP-API set, instructing CSM to get an FBA inbound shipment’s package labels, pallet labels, or bill of lading will result in the automatic download of these documents. In deployments using Amazon’s legacy MWS API set, the user must still manually instruct CSM to download these documents.
  8. Server -issued status codes that are generated as a response to CSM API message requests are now being recorded in the HTTP Response Status Code field in the CSM API Message

In addition to this support for Amazon’s modern API set, this release contains other feature improvements, including supporting data retrieval capabilities and enhanced item label printing options.

For complete details of this release, please see the product documentation and/or release notes.


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