CSM for Magento Release 2.0

New Channel Sales Manager Release Brings Deployment Improvements

CSM for MagentoAvailable for immediate download on Microsoft AppSource!

The latest version of CSM for Magento contains a number of features and service pack improvements including new supporting data retrieval capabilities. A common request that the CSM R&D team receives from implementers has been for improvements to the process of deploying CSM to Business Central, especially in environments where an existing eCommerce platform is present. The supporting data retrieval features being introduced in CSM for Magento Release 2.0 are the first step in a year-long initiative to simplify the deployment process.

To properly retrieve and synchronize data between Business Central and an eCommerce platform, CSM provides the user with functionality to identify and map “supporting data” types such as shipping agents, payment methods, customer prices groups, and locations. In earlier versions of CSM, it was necessary for the user to manually enter all of these supporting record types. The latest release of CSM for Magento removes the need for manual data entry by adding the ability to automatically retrieve or load the following record types from a connected Magento platform into Business Central:

  • Shipping Methods
  • Shipping Carriers
  • Tax Groups
  • Price Groups

Once these records are imported into Business Central, the user can quickly map them to ERP records, resulting in a more streamlined process than the previous requirement that all data be manually entered.

Over the course of 2022, these and other record types will be added to subsequent releases of CSM for Magento and CSM’s other out-of-the-box eCommerce integrations.

For complete details of this release, please see the product documentation and/or release notes.

In order to support some of these new features, a small release of CSM Core has also been issued and is available. For complete details of this release, please see the release notes.


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