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RPM ERP Solution by Suite Engine

We all get the “What do you do?” question a lot. It’s a part of interacting in the business world. Depending on the situation, that answer can be short or long, very technical, or focused more on our ideal clients and how we help them. And even though we love to get into the nitty-gritty details of our software features, and how each one makes our solutions better than competing software out there (in our very humble opinion), we’re even more passionate about our clients and the positive results we see in their business from implementing our ERP solutions.

Now, if you don’t really care as to the ‘why’ we do what we do, and would much rather just see a list of our software’s features and capabilities, you can also find those details on our RPM page, and of course, the best way to know how it fits exactly with what your company needs is to let us give you a quick and easy demo to show you.

Industry Focus

We focus on very specific niche industries. We’re not one of the enterprise software companies that try to sell to everyone to make a buck wherever we can. We primarily work with equipment companies and we absolutely love serving the great people of that industry – people like you. We’re talking about heavy equipment, not-so-heavy equipment like forklifts or generators, construction equipment, trailers and containers, oil and gas equipment, and pretty much any other type of industrial equipment you rent, sell, or service.

The main reason we’ve chosen to focus our business on you is that you are who people call on when they need to get stuff done. You have a huge role in building the infrastructure that keeps our society going. You know how to work hard and have all the right tools.

We relate because that’s how we see ourselves as well. We strive to be the software company that companies like yours turn to when they need the tools to run their entire business all in one place – the right way … and since we’re mainly focused on a very specific vertical of equipment rental, our software solutions are fine-tuned to meet every need and challenge equipment rental companies might have. We’ve been around the block with our clients, and have used that experience to continually improve and stay ahead of the curve. All of this has not only made our product better but allows us to provide a quicker implementation at a lower cost to you.

We also understand talk is cheap, so we’d welcome the opportunity to prove it to you. Please contact us here to allow us the opportunity to answer any questions you might have.

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