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Popups, Meters, and API Updates – Welcome Additions for RPM Clients!

. . . from the latest Release issued November 5, 2021

RPM Updates

Release Notes are published here:

Popup Comments

Popup comments are now available in RPM!

Individual comment lines from Customers, Subcategories, Units, Items, Fixed Assets and Resources can be set to “pop up” when added to a document. You have control over which documents the comment lines will show. This is very useful for situations where you want to notify users of specific information, such as notes from Accounting to alert a User of important information on a Customer Account, for example.

See the screenshots below (click to enlarge):

Multiple Meters

RPM now supports multiple meters! This has been a long-awaited feature requested by many clients.

The single fields available on the Subcategory and Unit have now been replaced by a “Meter Setup” table where you can define as many meters as you want. This includes the ability to specify whether individual meters are required or not, as well as the ability to define reading allowances and over-usage charges.

This feature is very useful for trailer companies that need to track mileage, tire tread wear, and brake pad usage, for example.

See the screenshots below (click to enlarge):


API pages have been added for the following tables: RPM Header, RPM Line, RPM Unit, RPM Unit Mvmt. Ledger Entry and RPM Unit C/R Ledger Entry. This allows companies the ability to pull data from rental contracts and units to include in reporting tools such as PowerBI.

See the screenshots below (click to enlarge):

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