24HR Safety Client Success Story

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A Suite Engine RPM Client

24HR Safety Client Success24Hr Safety provides an extensive variety of safety equipment to the Upstream, Midstream, Refinery, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries. Not only do they rent their equipment, their services include sales, service, and training. They are a growing company; currently with 5 locations across Texas.

In 2016, 24Hr Safety was in search of a new Enterprise Resource Planning solution that could handle their range of services and territory with the capability to expand with company growth. Not only did this software need to cover sales, accounting and operations, but rental asset management was a must.

Tony Aube’, Project Specialist at 24Hr Safety, heard about RPM through a mutual contact and decided to take a look. After viewing multiple demonstrations, asking questions, and thoroughly researching the product, it was decided that RPM – Rental Process Management was the best solution for 24Hr Safety’s line of business.

We asked Tony specifics on how RPM has helped 24Hr Safety. He said, “We’ve been able to provide accurate quotes because we now have current item information all on one screen.” Before RPM, Customer Service did not have accurate, on-hand information for items which made providing a quick quote or sale a challenge. Not anymore! With RPM, all necessary information is now available in easy-to-use, customizable screens.

Tony also mentioned additional improvements to their processes, such as RPM’s capability to add personalization for the end-user and the fact that RPM tracks ROI and Margin at the individual unit level.

As with any purchase, whether it be a personal item or business asset, you really don’t know if you’re getting exactly what you need until you’ve taken it out of the box and have started applying it to your real-life situation.  Tony reports complete satisfaction in working with the Suite Engine Implementation Team to get RPM personalized and ready for use. He said that the Implementation Team readied 24Hr Safety’s solution for operation “… to a point that with other people, we could only have dreamed of. The experience in working with them assured us that we made the right decision.”

For more information about Suite Engine’s RPM product, visit us at: https://suiteengine.com/rpm/

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