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RPM – A Journey of Innovation | Part 1

Join us for an exclusive interview with Len Bobinski, the brilliant Product Developer behind RPM by Suite Engine, and Tom Marshello, the visionary Product Director. In this captivating discussion, we delve into the remarkable history of RPM.

Discover the inspirations and challenges faced by Len Bobinski during the development of RPM as he shares his insights into the vision that propelled this game-changing product. Gain valuable knowledge about the intricacies of the product development process and the creative decisions that shaped RPM’s past success and future endeavors.

Tom Marshello, the driving force behind RPM’s evolution, reveals his strategic approach as a Product Director and the constant innovation required to adapt to ever-changing industry demands. Discover how RPM has transformed the way organizations manage their projects, enhancing efficiency and driving exceptional results.

Watch the full journey of innovation interview now!

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