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10 Things About RPM & Suite Engine You Must Know Before Making a Final Decision

Are you considering RPM by Suite Engine as Your Dealer Management System (DMS)? If you’re exploring our fully integrated DMS powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’ve come to the right place. Before making a final decision, learning more about its capabilities and ensuring it’s the right fit for your dealership is crucial.

In this blog post, you’ll learn ten things about RPM and our company that may help with your decision-making process. As a bonus, we’ll also share two extra points at the end, providing a glimpse into our culture and what it’s like to work with us.

10 Things About RPM You Must Know:

1. RPM is an Integrated Solution

Our clients switched to RPM because they were searching for a fully integrated solution to manage their business. RPM’s comprehensive system handles everything a dealership needs to run its business: accounting, rental, sales, service, parts, etc. New clients come to RPM with various disparate systems, such as separate rental and accounting software or even spreadsheets. They can appreciate the convenience of a truly all-in-one solution because they can precisely streamline their workflows and increase their productivity.

The biggest benefit that I hear from most of our clients is the fact that RPM provides them with the simplicity and convenience of a solution that is all-in-one place.

Tom Marshello, Director | Suite Engine

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2. RPM is Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Business Central is an outstanding business management solution that helps dealerships handle their financials, operations, sales, and services in a user-friendly interface, and it’s the backbone of RPM. This integration sets RPM apart from its competitors because it gives users unparalleled access to one of the world’s most robust and modern software solutions. Six years ago, Microsoft completely redeveloped the software package to make it a thoroughly modern web-based solution that provides accessibility and compatibility with other products. As a result, the system now runs on a modern platform that gives users flexibility and scalability.

What sets us apart from the competition is being backed by global manufacturer, Microsoft, which has close to 200,000 installs of Business Central worldwide. RPM is built directly within Business Central and integrates with the other Microsoft family of products that you’re already familiar with.

Kevin Nolan, Account Executive | Suite Engine

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3. RPM Bridges the Gap in the Rental Department

We took immediate action when we realized Business Central lacked a module to support rental operations. This led us to develop a rental module specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of companies that rent, sell, and service equipment. Our mission was to streamline rental operations by integrating them into a single software system. Our rental module allows clients to manage all rental equipment in one centralized location efficiently. They can easily track utilization, maintenance costs (parts & labor), outside vendors’ maintenance, depreciation, and rental revenue, filling the gap within Business Central. As a result, businesses experience increased productivity and higher profit margins in their rental departments.

I was very surprised to find out that Microsoft does not include a rental module within Business Central. RPM fulfills this unique rental need for equipment dealerships.

Len Bobinski, Product Developer | Suite Engine

RPM Journey of Innovation Part 1 – Watch the Full Interview


4. Dimensions is the Simple Key to Full Integration

Dimensions, a feature in Business Central, plays a crucial role in enabling full integration for RPM and can tag transactions in the dealership, allowing a higher degree of comprehensive analysis and performance tracking. The tags roll up to a general ledger account, providing insights into revenue and cost analysis.

Dealerships can compare performance across branches, departments, product lines, and customers, gaining valuable information for decision-making. The dimensions feature offers powerful tools to enhance visibility and understanding of dealership operations, facilitating better management.

Suite Engine RPM is a fully integrated dealer management system handling everything a dealership needs to run their business: all their accounting, rental, sales, service, and parts. It works with the Microsoft applications you’re already familiar with, like Outlook, Teams, Excel and Power Platform.

Kevin Nolan, Account Executive | Suite Engine

RPM Journey of Innovation Part 2 – Watch the Full Interview


5. RPM Comes with Power BI

Coming in at #5 of the 10 Things About RPM you must be aware of is Microsoft’s Power BI. Power BI provides RPM with enhanced reporting capabilities. It’s an exceptional business intelligence tool that simplifies data collection and analysis, enabling our clients to access various data analytics features. With Power BI, they can create easy-to-follow reports and dashboards to evaluate business performance and make informed decisions.


The reporting capabilities in Business Central and RPM are powerful. Power BI is a platform that dealerships can leverage data from all departments to create elegant reports.

Tom Marshello, Director | Suite Engine

RPM Journey of Innovation Part 2 – Watch the Full Interview


6. RPM’s Data Migration Templates Make Scaling Easy

One of the most remarkable qualities of RPM is its adaptability and scalability. Our implementation process utilizes data migration templates, allowing dealerships to duplicate them as they expand their store count efficiently. This feature makes RPM an ideal solution for companies experiencing growth through mergers and acquisitions. By leveraging data templates, dealerships can seamlessly adapt and ensure consistent service across all locations.


7. Suite Engine is Committed to Client-Driven Innovation

The needs and feedback of our clients are the driving force behind updates and improvements, as client requests drive a significant portion of our product roadmap. By engaging with clients, we can build innovative features that meet their needs and increase client satisfaction. As such, client feedback is essential in our product development strategy.

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8. Your Data is Secure with Microsoft

Our team at Suite Engine is committed to providing a product that excels in performance and security. To achieve this, we rely on Microsoft’s history and renown in data security. Microsoft manages cloud-based security measures to keep RPM safe, flexible, and scalable. This allows for effortless role management, consolidation of multiple data sources, and overall scalability. In this blog post, Learn how to secure your dealership’s data.


9. Our Team’s Favorite Features of RPM

Len Bobinski, Head of RPM Product Development, loves giving RPM users many options. Recently, he enhanced RPM to include service contracts and handle warranties for the service department. These features let users view and manage service contracts and warranties as they please, with the ability to plan maintenance individually by unit, for example.

Tom Marshello, Director at Suite Engine, finds the multiple meters tracking feature especially useful for the trailer industry, where tracking brake pad usage, tire tread, and miles on a trailer is necessary. By providing the option to track multiple meters, both positive and negative, RPM has made it easier for our clients to manage their operations effectively and reduce the need for manual tracking.

RPM Journey of Innovation Part 1 – Watch the Full Interview


10. You Can Work from Anywhere with RPM

Are you constantly on the move? Thanks to Microsoft’s cloud technology, RPM by Suite Engine is accessible from anywhere worldwide. With RPM, you have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere without compromising the safety and security of your data. Moreover, with Business Central’s modern technology, you can work from your phone, tablet, or laptop – even in areas with poor internet connectivity. Say goodbye to the confines of a traditional office and embrace the freedom and flexibility of RPM.

Everything is moving to the cloud, and we’re already at the forefront of that.

Tom Marshello, Director | Suite Engine

RPM Journey of Innovation Part 2 – Watch the Full Interview



We tried and failed to keep our list at just 10 great things about RPM and Suite Engine!


Our Success is Rooted in the Happiness of People

At Suite Engine, we gauge our success by the joy we bring to our clients and colleagues. Our objective is straightforward: to ensure our employees and clients are happy. To achieve this, our team members always prioritize open communication, collaboration, and a positive attitude. Suite Engine’s leadership fosters a culture of positivity and encourages constructive feedback among employees while actively listening to our client’s needs. The result is an incredibly positive and uplifting company culture.


We Stay Connected with the Microsoft Community

Our team believes that staying informed of market trends is crucial to success. To stay updated with the latest industry trends, we prioritize attending trade shows and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central user groups, and partner events. By doing so, we can keep our finger on the market’s pulse and stay current with the latest breakthroughs in the Microsoft Dynamics world.


Are You Eager For More?

Whether you’re working on a DMS project or looking for ways to streamline your business operations, we can help! As a team, we’re passionate about positively impacting the equipment industry, and we are confident that RPM by Suite Engine can help you meet your business objectives. Schedule a personalized demonstration with our team today to see how RPM by Suite Engine can bring you closer to better visibility and increased efficiency.


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