DMS User Adoption

3 Tested Tactics

You’ve invested in the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, ready to accelerate your finance operations at your dealership, but here’s the challenge—your team doesn’t share the same enthusiasm, so what’s missing? Helping them see the full picture.

Seeing the Big Picture

Connecting departments — accounting, sales, rental, service, purchases, and parts — so that your team can have a 360° view of the dealership operation and customer interactions is key to getting them excited about using the software as part of their daily routine.

This is one of the main reasons why our clients love RPM by Suite Engine; it provides them full visibility into the dealership operations to truly make data-driven decisions.

Overcoming Resistance to New Technology in Equipment Dealerships

We understand that many equipment dealerships struggle to get their teams to adopt new technology, even when it’s as user-friendly as ours. That’s why we want to share three practical strategies specific to Suite Engine that have helped our clients empower their teams to make the most of RPM’s capabilities.

So, let’s dive in to learn our unique approach and discover how you can transform your team into enthusiastic users of this exceptionally powerful tool! Here are 3 tried and true DMS user adoption tactics:

Tactic 1: Data Migration Strategy – Setting the Foundation for Success

Picture this: you’re excited about implementing your new Dealer Management System (DMS), and you’re busy planning implementation and onboarding strategies, but hold on! Don’t forget a crucial step: Data Migration.

RPM Data Migration Template
RPM Data Migration Template

Data migration is often overlooked, but it’s vital for ensuring data integrity and instilling confidence in your team. To kickstart your data migration journey, Suite Engine offers a Data Migration Template — a collection of predefined data configuration packages designed to point our clients in the right direction. Initiating implementation with accurate and reliable data in your DMS sets the stage for increased user engagement and adoption.

Tactic 2: Core Team Training – Empowering Your Champions

Instead of training every single team member on the features and capabilities of the DMS, consider forming a core team that receives comprehensive training. This approach allows you to cultivate a group of champions who possess a deep understanding of the software’s functionalities.

The Core Team Training approach aligns with the “Train the Trainer” methodology, where your core team members become experts in the application. Equipped with this knowledge, they can conduct end-user training as needed. Here at Suite Engine, when we train the core team, we encourage hands-on learning based on real-life dealership scenarios, focusing on creating and managing test cases and use scenarios. This approach not only enhances knowledge retention but also builds confidence and familiarity with the DMS.

Tactic 3: Training Based on Job Role and Security Permissions – Customizing Access and Engagement

Job roles and security permissions within RPM are powerful features, but they can lead to confusion if not clearly defined. That’s why it’s crucial to establish clear job role definitions and security access prior to initiating any type of training to ensure you are empowering your team with the right information relevant to their unique role.

Your DMS contains sensitive information from every business unit, so a one-size-fits-all training approach won’t suffice. By providing training to specific job roles and security levels, you can ensure higher engagement and adoption rates.

To assist you in this endeavor, Suite Engine has developed a security roles and permissions template for our clients that will assist you in mapping out your business processes and tasks and identifying the responsible roles for each task that we then use to train the core team. We have witnessed a significant improvement in user adoption for our clients since we added this approach to our training.

Increasing User Adoption of Your DMS Made Simple with Suite Engine

Encouraging employees to use new technologies can be difficult, but don’t worry—with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Suite Engine is here to support you every step of the way. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo and witness firsthand how our approach can revolutionize your dealership’s operations. Let’s make your software journey exciting, informative, and successful together!


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