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From Average to Top-Performer: 12 Examples to Boost Your Dealership with a DMS

Looking for ways to evolve and get ahead of the competition?

As the material handling industry continues to grow, dealerships need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure a successful future. Absolutely, right? But how?

First, by leveraging the latest technologies specific to your industry and then by learning more about that available technology. More specifically, where technology can help dealerships ensure a smooth customer experience across all departments, improve efficiency and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. 


Streamline Your Material Handling Dealership’s Processes

Leveraging a Dealer Management System

Well, you know that automating your dealership’s processes is not as easy as it sounds; however, leveraging an all-in-one Dealership Management System (DMS), like RPM, can help your dealership automate processes, improve efficiency, and provide a better experience for your customers⁠; consequently resulting in a better future for your business. 

Let’s take a look at the following twelve examples that you probably didn’t know a DMS can do and see how you can transform your business into a top-performing dealership and eliminate the risk of falling behind the digital transformation revolution.

Twelve things you probably didn’t know a DMS can do:

  1. Get automated suggestions on upsell, cross-sell, and renewal opportunities based on your customer’s historical interactions with your dealership.
  2. With a late payment-prediction notification, you have the insight necessary to manage the budget, cash flow, fixed assets, bank reconciliations, and project costing while shortening cycle times.
  3. Create a sales-to-service automated workflow to ensure a smooth and efficient transition from the sales department to the service department when a sale is made. The DMS can automatically generate a service order, which can then be assigned to a technician based on availability and expertise.
  4. Get fleet status updates on your phone as your fleet moves in and out on rental orders and service work orders. 
  5. Get upsell recommendations when creating a rental contract, as the DMS can automatically suggest damage waiver, pickup and delivery, setup and takedown, and additional rental items or parts based on the item being rented.
  6. Create an automated predictive maintenance plan for your rental fleet by setting up engine hour meter readings. They help provide information on how many hours each machine has been used and can help schedule maintenance based on the recommended service intervals. 
  7. Track customer Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA) to quickly access price details, terms and conditions, discounts, service intervals, and projected contract revenue.
  8. Use checklists to guide technicians when servicing equipment. This checklist can include all the components that need to be checked, serviced, or replaced, such as filters, belts, hoses, tires, and brakes—including manufacturer recommendations and industry standards. 
  9. Automate service scheduling by matching customer availability and the availability of technicians and parts—ensuring customers’ downtime is minimized, and their equipment is back to regular operations as soon as possible.
  10. Capture special requirements within a bill of materials for building things like hydraulic hoses and pull directly from the quote and sales order during assembly-to-order processes.
  11. Automatically create purchase orders to replenish inventory based on actuals, demand, and availability using built-in intelligence, sales forecasts, and expected stock-outs dates.
  12. Improve organization in your warehouse by setting up bins and zones in your DMS to reflect the layout of your warehouse, including its racks and shelves.

Exciting, isn’t it? As you can see from the examples above, a dealership’s future can be influenced by the technology they adopt. Don’t miss out on the chance to streamline your dealership’s processes and gain an edge in the market.

Scheduled a demo by clicking here to see how our all-in-one Dealership Management System (DMS), RPM, can assist your material handling dealership in expanding and keeping its competitive age for years to come.


The RPM Experience

RPM + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an end-to-end equipment dealership management system built in the Microsoft Cloud to help businesses grow with confidence. Streamline day-to-day operational processes like counter sales, rental invoicing, purchasing, cash management, and reporting—all while protecting financial information and customer data with enterprise-level security.

Suite Engine’s first application to market was RPM in 2019, and since then, we’ve added integrations designed to leverage job apps, such as Shop Floor Insight by Insight Works, Easy PDF, AvaTax, and more. Watch for more productivity apps designed to streamline processes for your equipment business needs.


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