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RPM Release Notes

Release 1.15.20200417.16264

April 21, 2020

Rental Process Management (RPM) continues to improve and grow based on customer feedback and suggestions.

Feature Enhancements:
  • 7182: When creating a corrective pre-billing, you can now choose which lines will be copied from the posted document.
  • 7414: Added a new Sell-to History FactBox for RPM.
  • 7398: Added both the Sell-to and Bill-to History FactBoxes to the Customer Card and List.
  • 7392: Attachments have been fully added to all RPM documents! They follow the standard set by Sales documents.
  • 6032: Electronic signatures are now available for all RPM documents!
  • 7401: Pre-Billing archives are now available.
  • 7483: The External Document No. has been recaptioned to Customer PO No.
  • 7550: Phone No., Fax No., Email and Home Page now show under the company address on RPM documents if filled in. This comes from the Responsibility Center if filled in on the document.
  • 7581: Comments are now available on the four master levels of RPM.
  • 7603: Additional events have been added to RPM archive management.
  • 7623: Header and footer text now allows basic HTML tags that can be rendered in RDL reports.
  • 7455: The External Document No. is now editable on posted invoices.
  • 7443: Deposits are now available on RPM documents!
  • 7667: Additional events have been added to RPM copy doc. Management.
  • 6307: The shipping/receiving journal will filter on the correct template/batch when posting.
  • 7187: The line discount amount gets updated correctly on segments.
  • 6469: Crediting of a Fixed Asset from a posted RPM document now properly reverses the disposal of the asset.
  • 7294: Automatic selection of units during posting has been updated to include partial receipts.
  • 7425: Main Subcategory Line No. Now gets set correctly when adding lines under a Unit Service line.
  • 7276: RPM Posted Invoice report now includes the Due Date.
  • 7261: The link to comments on RPM documents has been corrected.
  • 7262: The quote no. now transfers from a contract or work order to the posted invoice.
  • 7251: The non-chargeable flag now copies correctly to newly created work order lines from planned maintenance.
  • 7573: PM Work Lines will now automatically transfer to a newly created Unit planned maintenance.
  • 7604: Unit validation on PM Work Lines has been updated to include Charges.
  • 7158: Delivery and Pickup Tickets can now have their own header/footer text and can be controlled on the request options page.
  • 7344: G/L Account lines on printed RPM documents will still hide the account no. but will be included in posted totals.
  • 7669: Default cycle billing on a billing code now correctly creates segments after initial invoicing.

Release 1.15.20191231.12803

December 31, 2019

As promised, here are more enhanced features in this version of Rental Process Management (RPM) for Dynamics 365 Business Central version 15 – Microsoft’s latest version.
Feature Enhancements:
  • 6042: A progress screen showing a status counter has been added to the RPM Batch Posting.
  • 4805: RPM Batch Posting now shows the Activity Log after the process is completed.
  • 6030: When changing the Ship-to Address Code or Gen. Bus. Posting Group, the prices and billing dates will not get set back to the default values.
  • 6048: Shared coding between reports as been moved to a management codeunit to allow for custom reports to be created and publishers will be added in another release to allow custom changes.
  • 6050: Location Code has been promoted on RPM documents.
  • 6024: When printing rolled up kits, all units are now combined into one string as opposed to multiple strings for each component within the kit.
  • 6076: Customer Comments and Contact Comments have been added to the header ribbon of RPM documents.
  • 6052: You can now use the Copy Line feature on RPM Quotes.
  • 6138: The Source Document has been added to the Rental Invoiced Revenue report.
  • 6573: Serialized Items are now available on RPM Documents! Serial Number tracking is now available in this release; lot and bin tracking will follow in a subsequent release.
  • 1650: Work Quote Archives and Work Order Archives are now available!
  • 6792: BC Role Center pages in RPM now include many more options in the top level menus to make it easier to switch from one area to another within RPM.
  • 6057: For best price billing, the system will now choose a monthly rate over a 4-week rate if the amounts are equal.
  • 6025: When printing lines using best price, combined lines will show multiple lines of price periods if pricing or usage differ; like prices and usage will continue to be combined.
  • 6055: When posting options are shown before posting, the document shown at the top of the page was always the first contract. This has been corrected to show the document you are posting from.
  • 6044: Movement, shipments and receipts can now be reviewed from the shipping/receiving screen when there are no lines displayed.
  • 6159: You can now set a Unit of Measure Code in RPM Prices if there is no Unit No. Defined.
  • 6162: The Create Receipts screen now splits all lines by line no. Instead of grouping by the No. field.
  • 6101: The Line Discount % field now shows correctly on the RPM Document – Test report.
  • 6317: Subcategories by Location and Units by Location pages now show the matrix correctly with scroll bars.

Release 1.15.20191010.10529

October 10, 2019

This version of Rental Process Management (RPM) focused on bringing the app up to Dynamics Business Central version 15, the next major version.  There were minor enhancements as well.  Stay tuned for more great enhancements coming soon in this new version of Business Central!

Feature Enhancements:
  • 5864: Bring RPM up to the latest version of Business Central, version 15!
  • 5951: RPM Headers and Footers are back! This allows you to specify multi-line text to appear at the top of RPM documents (Header Text) or the bottom of RPM documents after all lines print (Footer Text).  This can be set per document and an option exists on the printed document request pages to show or hide this text.
  • 5351: A new field called “Qty. In Service” has been added to the Subcategory and Unit. When a Unit is put into service, this will show how many are currently in service and will no longer show when all maintenance is complete on the Unit.
  • 5954: A new field called “Qty. on Work Order” is now available on the Item Card, Item List, Stockkeeping Unit Card and Stockkeeping Unit List.
  • 5882: RPM buttons in ribbon of Customer Card and List now open the document listed instead of always opening a Quote.
  • 5966: RPM Shipping/Receiving Lines are no longer created for a Work Quote.

Release 1.0.20190927.10141

September 27, 2019

This version of Rental Process Management (RPM) focused on further cleanup of outstanding issues and more exciting features were added.

Feature Enhancements:
  • 1694: A new button called Create Work Orders from Receipts was added to the RPM Contract. After receiving equipment back on an RPM Contract, you can now send those unit directly to an RPM Work Order, linked to the original RPM Contract.  The process is quick and intuitive.
  • 1694: The Create Work Orders from Receipts also added a separate Contract No. And Receipt Entry No. to the Planned Maintenance allowing you view the type of planned maintenance performed on the RPM Work Order, RPM Contract and individual receipt entry that was related to that PM.
  • 5650: Extension Information for RPM has been added as a FastTab on RPM Setup.
  • 5591: Emailing is back! The Email option on all RPM Documents is available for use again.
  • 3306: All Name, Description, Address and Contact fields (except for Description 2) have been increased to allow 100 characters instead of 50 to keep with base Business Central. The Description 2 length has not been changed yet so for now Description 2 must stay at 50 characters.
  • 5726: Posting Group fields, Tax fields, VAT fields and Salesperson Code fields have been increased to 20 characters instead of 10 to keep with base Business Central.
  • 5701: The Line Complete field has been brought forward from the older versions of RPM. Now you can see if a line has anything activity pending by filtering or looking at this field.
  • 5338: A new Unit Status (Service) field has been added to RPM Setup. This currently is unused but will be used in a future version coming soon!
  • 1694: The drilldown for the Work Order No., the new Contract No. and Receipt Entry No. now work as expected.
  • 5629: The Revenue Only field has been moved from the 50,000 range to the Rental Process Management licensed range.
  • 5367: The Description and Description 2 fields of a line are not overwritten when you choose a unit in shipping/receiving that has the same Description and Description 2 as its parent subcategory.
  • 5750: You can no longer receive more than the qty. shipped of a unit on an RPM document.
  • 5632: When shipping units, the quantity is validated by location code.
  • 3277: The Last Meter Reading in Planned Maintenance is now by Unit of Measure Code. These fields drill down to the unit’s reading lines as well.
  • 5780: Segments now show correctly when using Change Effective on Next Day and the Effective Date is the day before the Next Billing Date.
  • 5632: You can no longer receive the same serialized unit more than once in the shipping/receiving screen.
  • 5794: Certain header fields such as Billing Code, Start Date, etc. are no longer cleared when posted to an invoice or credit memo.
  • 5658: The Location Code is now filled in by default from the Customer added to an RPM Document.
  • 5726: Line Change screen has been updated to remove duplicated fields in header.
  • 5822: Deleting a Line Change will only delete its own associated shipping/receiving lines.
  • 5841: Inserting or deleting line changes will now correctly update the quantity fields on future line changes.
  • 5836: Explicit permissions removed from tables and moved to codeunits.
  • 5823: All units will now show when printing RPM documents and the Exclude Received Units is not ticked.
  • 5856: Movement Ledger Entries are retained when a Unit is deleted from the system to keep the history for that unit.
  • 5861: When creating manual receipts, the Meter Unit of Measure code is brought forward to the shipping/receiving line.
  • 5877: No reports in RPM should display the “An error has occurred” explicit error.

Release 1.0.20190816.9102

August 16, 2019

This next version of Rental Process Management (RPM) focused on cleanup of outstanding issues and some smaller features were added as well.

Feature Enhancements:
  • 3182, 5135: A new Unit Shipping/Receiving Journal is available. The journal is setup in a way that is conducive to scanning.  When a unit or serial number is found and the type is Receipt, the system searches all documents for that shipped unit and fills in the associated document no.  This journal can be used to add shipments and/or receipts to existing documents.
  • 4689: Work Quotes, Work Orders and Pre-Billings now include the Explode BOM option.
  • 5187: New Non-Chargeable option available on Subcategory Components and Planned Maintenance Work Lines.
  • 5190: RPM Role Center pages now raise the OnOpenRoleCenter event.
  • 5276: New option to capitalize Unit Service lines against the Unit’s related Fixed Asset.
  • 5279: Sales prices has a new field called “Markup %”. This allows you to setup item pricing for RPM documents by adding a Markup % which will then be added to the Unit Cost to arrive at a new Unit Price.
  • 5318: Initial setup values for new companies have been updated to include the most common options.
  • 5557: Insurance Certificates are back! Attachments have also been added to the Contract and Work Order.

  • 3616: When an estimated stop date is entered that results in a partial last segment, the last segment will stop at the estimated stop date instead of continuing for an entire period.
  • 3617: The Create RPM Work Order from the Unit Card now has an OK button (instead of Preview); the Create RPM Work Order from the Unit Card now shows all Planned Maintenance lines for the unit.
  • 3630: When changing a line that results in more than one segment requiring a credit, the resulting segments will now calculate the correct totals.
  • 4000: After posting an invoice/credit memo, the Next Billing Date takes into account any pending line changes.
  • 4002: Next Billing Date should take into account any pending line changes when a new line change is created.
  • 4005: When creating a new line record in an RPM document, the reference fields now get cleared on the new line; when adding a reference field to a new line record, the line is saved before updating the reference field to get the line no.
  • 4006: When running the RPM Document-Test report, the dates in the header section of the report are updated based on the Post Thru Date chosen.
  • 4007: Invoiced Revenue report will not run indefinitely when a line has a unit no defined.
  • 4008: Units by Customer report now runs off the Quantity Moved field instead of the Quantity Shipped so it only shows the remaining units on the report.
  • 4009: Change logic for how new lines are associated to existing Kits, Line Groups and Unit Services. Adding a new line in-between existing component lines will keep the same component links but adding a new line below all component lines will not attach to the main line.
  • 4010: When auto suggesting charges from a subcategory, you will no longer receive a “Page.RunModal” error.
  • 4012: When determining unit allocation, logic has been changed for how receipts apply to shipments on quantity tracked lines.
  • 4014: When checking if a document is complete, the current line is not modified if an update to that line was just done.
  • 4060: The All Shipped Lines option on a Pickup Ticket now prints all posted shipments if there are no pending receipts.
  • 5189: Planned Maintenance Schedule is updated when a work order line is modified.
  • 5202: Quantity checking for lines and line changes have been updated.
  • 5204: Extended Text lines added to an RPM document now have a start date filled in so they will show when printing and will be picked up in posting.
  • 5225: The RPM Group on the Extended Text page has been moved below the Service group instead of inside the Service group.
  • 5395: When no line changes are present, a segments should not attempt to cycle bill with other segments.
  • 5597: When a kit component has a percentage but no quantity, the resulting line should not produce a division by zero error.
  • 5588: Logic has changed for how new lines are automatically attached to Kits, Line Groups and Unit Service lines.

Release 1.0.20190516.7830

May 16, 2019

Initial Release of Suite Engine’s new Rental Process Management (RPM) for Dynamics Business Central!

This release is built upon the redesigned RPM 2017/2018 and converted to a new extension.  This release includes all RPM has to offer including Unit Management, Contract Recurring Billing, Flexible Segments, Planned Maintenance, Work Orders, and much more.