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Protect Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS

Advanced Security Features and Unique Capabilities

Recently, Forbes Adviser ranked Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS with a 5-star rating, sending the Dynamics community into a long-overdue round of toasts and social media-posting frenzy. Specifically, the Dynamics 365 Business Central product has become known as a highly secure ERP solution that protects against cyber threats and unauthorized access. With its advanced security features, Business Central SaaS stands out from other ERP solutions in the market.

Here are some of those stand-out features:

Intelligent Security Graph

One of the unique security features of Business Central SaaS is the use of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph. This powerful tool allows the solution to monitor cyber threats in real time and quickly identify and respond to potential security breaches. Additionally, Business Central SaaS includes advanced threat protection capabilities that use machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent cyber attacks before they can cause damage. Microsoft has a list of benefits on

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Another unique feature of Business Central SaaS is its integration with Microsoft Cloud App Security. This provides additional security features such as cloud access security broker (CASB) and data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. This integration gives administrators greater visibility and control over their organization’s data, consequently reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data loss.

Azure Active Directory

Business Central SaaS users can also leverage Azure Active Directory for user authentication and authorization. This integration provides additional security features such as conditional access policies and risk-based access control, thereby ensuring that only authorized users can access sensitive data.
Azure Active Directory |

Field-level Security and Data Encryption

Finally, Business Central SaaS includes application-level security features such as field-level security and data encryption. These features allow administrators to control access to sensitive data at a granular level, ensuring that only those who need to see it can access it. For further reading, see “What is Access Control?

In summary, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS is a modern and highly secure ERP solution that’s providing businesses with relevant tools to protect their data and assets from cyber threats. Because of its advanced security features and unique capabilities, Business Central SaaS is a reliable choice for organizations looking for an ERP solution that prioritizes security.

Next Steps

The features above are tangent to Business Central and may require additional licenses depending on what features are required. Licenses are purchased from your Microsoft Service Provider (MSP), and implementation and maintenance can be performed either in-house, by a security services provider, or by your MSP.

We hope that this information on security has helped you understand that our management systems are not only designed with convenience for your industry in mind, but because we’re powered by Microsoft, we’re able to offer best-in-class data protection known to all industries. To explore the products we’ve designed for your industry built within Business Central, contact us or schedule a demo today.


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