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ROI Case Study: Kelly Roofing Case Study

Business Central—Stellar ROI and Minimal Payback Time

When Kelly Roofing deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to modernize its accounting and resource management capabilities results were phenomenal. Not only did the company achieve payback in 2.4 months, but the ROI over three years was an astounding 508% percent.

Since deploying Business Central, Kelly Roofing has implemented profitability analysis for each of its BUs and even reduced the amount of working capital it requires.

Can Microsoft help improve your reporting, financial planning, and business processes? Yes! Get more information on how to deliver positive business outcomes by downloading this complementary case study.

This case study demonstrates an excellent example of a real-world implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In it, Nucleus Research describes the key business benefits to Kelly Roofing and breaks down how they achieved a 508% return on investment (ROI).

Kelly Roofing notes these positive outcomes.

– Reduction in costs
– More efficient use of resources
– Increased productivity from automation
– Reduction of working capital

Page 6 comprises a detailed financial analysis that can be leveraged as a model for customer decision making.

View: Microsoft Business Central ROI case study – Kelly Roofing




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