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Suite Engine Releases New Shopify Connector on Microsoft AppSource

May 12, 2020

Channel Sales Manager for Shopify is the third Suite Engine app listing for eCommerce Connectors on AppSource; Microsoft’s growing marketplace for solution-specific apps and consulting listings. Channel Sales Manager (CSM) connects marketplace and/or eCommerce connectors such as Shopify, Magento, Amazon, etc. to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. CSM premiered on AppSource in 2019 with its’ first CSM for Magento app followed by the CSM for Amazon app. All of Suite Engine’s apps, including this new Shopify connector, are designed to be easily installed and deployed into a licensed Business Central tenant.CSM for Shopify BC Connector

One of the major challenges facing online retailers is the fact that they’re often working out of multiple, disparate systems that can cause delayed, or even missed orders. The CSM connectors are designed to connect one or more eCommerce platforms into a central location (Business Central) for comprehensive management. This gives the user access to workflow automation and complete visibility into sales and order processing. Centralizing this data increases efficiency and drives cost-saving decisions.

We had multiple different data sources … long story short, CSM saves us many headaches and it was easy to set up and manage … rollout was phenomenal!

Ten Thousand Villages

Read more about one of Suite Engine’s CSM clients, Ten Thousand Villages: Click Here


CSM for Shopify:

Automate and Capture Shopify Orders and Product Information in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Automate Shopify order retrieval; ensuring you’ll never miss an order.
  • Send Shopify order shipment and payment capture information in real-time.
  • Create customers based on Shopify customers.
  • Send product inventory quantities that Shopify can show as available for sale.
  • Send pricing to Shopify.
  • Maintain additional product information such as additional images and long html descriptions.
  • Send new or updated product information to Shopify; making it instantly buyer-ready.
  • CSM is built within Dynamics 365 Business Central. There are no external middle-ware pieces to complicate the integration.
  • Manage multiple Shopify stores (B2B, Retail, Specialty) and easily measure their financial impact.
  • Get actionable insight into your eCommerce business that help drive smarter decisions, faster.

Workflow automation and complete sales order visibility helps you get to what matters – faster processing and happier customers.


With CSM, we’ve improved our supply chain management in terms of quantity sharing, synchronizing prices on each channel, and time savings on order processing.

– Jerry Qu, Owner/President, Qbedding



Channel Sales Manager - Suite Engine

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