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ROI Case Study: Kelly Roofing Case Study

Learn how Kelly Roofing achieved a 508% ROI and 2.4-month payback period on their successful Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central implementation!

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Leveling the Playing Field – (eBoo...

What’s your priority? Better decision making, profitability, selling strategies, or planning? #MSDyn365 with built-in #AI has you covered. Get the free eBook now.

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Business Central Capabilities

Your time is worth a lot of money, so is your customer’s. That’s why it’s critical to save time wherever you can. Those savings can translate to happier customers and reduced costs. At Suite Engine, we know that saving time is tough, so we’re here to help.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can reach optimal output levels, plan with precision and analyze project performance to ensure your customers get what they need as quickly as possible.

You can leverage the same tech to keep your projects on time and under budget. Contact us today to find out how we can help you along your journey.


Business in the cloud

In recent years, the idea of running your business through the cloud has gone from a radical new idea to a commonplace reality. By 2020, an estimated 78% of small businesses will be using the cloud. So, what is all the fuss about?

Running your business on the cloud is not just about where your data is stored. It is a fundamental shift in the way your business is run. The removal of data silos and the ability to log in from anywhere means that your employees are more connected to your customers, and to each other, than ever before.

What concerns are holding you back? Check out this article and reach out to us to get your questions answered.


RPM Available on Microsoft AppSource

RPM Available on Microsoft AppSource October, 2019 – Duluth, Georgia RPM by Suite Engine has been published on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions. Free, 30-day trials of the software are available for download. Suite Engine’s RPM is a comprehensive solution – built in the cloud and fully embedded within the Microsoft…



What if your software was more than just a tool, but also a teammate? Imagine a software that could alert you to when inventory needed to be replenished before you were at risk of stock-outs? Or developed a production plan for you based on sales forecasts?

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s built-in AI is able to look at your business holistically to identify problems and recommend effective solutions.

Here at Suite Engine, we are excited to help you add the number one value technology tool to your arsenal: AI. Contact us to learn more.


24HR Safety Client Success

24HR Safety Client Success Story Download the full 24HR Client Success Story: RPM – 24Hr Safety – Client Success Story A Suite Engine RPM Client 24Hr Safety provides an extensive variety of safety equipment to the Upstream, Midstream, Refinery, Chemical, and Petrochemical industries. Not only do they rent their equipment, their services include sales, service,…


Providing Excellent Customer Service

In today’s fast-paced economy, a successful business is one that is able to serve customers efficiently and quickly pivot to embrace new opportunities or address new challenges.

In order to do just that, Kelly Roofing adopted Dynamics 365 Business Central. This provided them with an integrated system that was easy for their employees to learn and reduced the response time when services customers.

At Suite Engine, we understand each business faces its own distinctive challenges. Contact us to learn how Dynamics 365 can better prepare you to tackle them.

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What Business Central Can Do For You

At Suite Engine, we support complex, multi-channel businesses and processes by creating easy-to-deploy solutions for Business Central. Microsoft’s ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, is capable of doing so much that it’s pretty much impossible to fit it all on one page. What we’ve done here is give you a bite-sized summary of its…