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CPM for Stripe Setup Playlist

Setup just got easier with our “CPM for Stripe Setup” videos showing you how to set up your CPM platform.


Videos in this playlist include:

  1. Creating Your CPM Subscription
  2. Creating Your First Payment Platform
  3. Entering Your Stripe Account Credentials, Part 1 – Obtain Your Credentials (already on YouTube)
  4. Entering Your Stripe Account Credentials, Part 2 – Enter Your Credentials (already on YouTube)
  5. Configuring Your Payment Platform – Accounting
  6. Configuring Your Payment Platform – Payment Requests
  7. Configuring Your Payment Platform – Subscription Invoicing
  8. Linking Your Customers and Products
  9. Batch Linking Customers (Updated Process)
  10. Retrieving Your First Stripe Transactions



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