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Get the right technology to bring customer data together with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Wild & Wolf is a gift and toys design company that never anticipated it would double in size in just five years. They quickly realized that their systems could not keep up with their growth. They spent their time putting out fires, knowing there must be a better option for the now global-sized company.

Turning to Business Central, Wild & Wolf united their dispersed businesses onto one unified system, which allowed them to proactively gather and analyze customer data. Now, the company can anticipate a future full of possibilities and consider themselves at the beginning of their journey.

Can Microsoft help you become truly customer-centric? Yes! Watch this video to learn how:

Fast growth is great for business but can also prove to be difficult to navigate. Doubling in size in just five years, Wild & Wolf had to quickly move out of their comfort zone and adapt to rapid change; this innovative business overcame their growing pains and rose to the challenge to achieve great success.

In order to remain successful, Wild &Wolf knew that keeping their systems up-to-date and efficiently moving data around their business would help them provide a more customer-centric experience. Dynamics 365 Business Central enabled them to stop reacting to fires, and to proactively anticipate the needs of their customers.

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