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This video and the following transcript refers to a legacy version of RPM created for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For current Help Documentation, visit: Help Documentation and navigate to the RPM section.

Rental Process Management (RPM) – Rental Shipping and Receiving Feature

Easily manage all your shipping and receiving from one place in our enterprise software for rental equipment companies.


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Welcome to the demonstration video series for Suite Engine RPM – Enterprise Software for Equipment Companies.

In this demonstration video, we are going to discuss how to ship and receive equipment on your RPM rental contracts. From our Roll Center, let’s go ahead and select ‘rental shipping and receiving’ worksheet. This is a centralized screen that shows you all the shipments and receipts that are due as of specific days. You can sort or filter by any one of the columns shown here and as you can see, here I’ve sorted it by the actual movement date of today’s date. Today, on 2-26, we have two shipments and one receipt that we need to process.

Let’s do the shipment first. I’m going to select that shipment. Choose the ‘show document’ button to get to our rental contract. On this rental contract, the first thing I might wish to do before I go ahead and ship, is to print off a pic ticket. If I choose ‘pic ticket’ and choose ‘preview’ this will show me a pic ticket that I can print to give to somebody in the field to go ahead and grab a 20 kilowatt generator to ship to this client. They can write in the unit number, serial number, and even sign-off that they picked it.

Once they turn in that paperwork, you need to go ahead and register now against the rental contract that the unit was shipped there. You do that by going to ‘shipping and receiving.’ In the ‘shipping and receiving’ screen, I now need to select the unit number that I’m going to ship. Here I’ve got a 20 kilowatt generator and if I’m reading off of a piece of paper, I can simply start keying it in if I wish, or I can do a drop-down and pick from my list of available equipment to ship. I’m going to choose number 16 as an example. Now that I’ve gone ahead and chosen that, it now shows that these are selected to be posted; and to go ahead and register that, I simply choose the ‘post’ button. Now, when I say ‘ok’ to this, I get an error message telling me that I am required to put a meter reading before shipping and receiving on this particular unit. For our 20 kilowatt generators, I’m tracking our meters. By giving this message, it tells the person, “hey, look, you need to tell me how many hours are on this generator before it goes out the door.” I do that by clicking on the ‘unit meter readings’ and then here, I can type in what the hour reading was before it went out the door and put any notes related to that reading if I wish.

Now that I’ve gone ahead and done that, I can choose to ‘post’ and say ‘ok’ and that now will take that unit and attach it to this contract, allowing us to start billing for it because it has been shipped. Now, on the top right here, I can choose to print a delivery ticket and this would be a customer-facing document that goes out to the customer. It shows here, “Suite Engine Rentals.”  This is where we went out, the delivery ticket, the actual unit number that went out to the customer, and what the delivery date was; even giving you the option to have the customer sign-off that they received it.

Now, in the event that you went ahead and shipped something and realized you made a mistake, we make it very easy for you to go ahead and reverse out that mistake. In the movement ledger entries, If I made a mistake here, I can simply choose to ‘undo’ that shipment. I can select the ‘shipments,’ press the ‘undo shipment’ button, say ‘yes,’ and that will undo those shipments for me.

I’m going to say ‘no’ because I want to show you one other thing on the screen. When I go ahead and back out of this rental contract, you’ll note now that in the ‘rental shipping and receiving’ worksheet, you no longer see that particular shipment because it’s been registered in the system already. This is a dynamic worksheet, only showing you what is actually outstanding.

Let’s do the receipt next. Here, I click on the receipt, choose ‘show document,’ and in this screen, it gives me the option of printing off a pickup ticket. I have closed out this contract and said that it is ending as of today, so now I need to maybe print a pickup ticket to give to a driver to go out and pick up that piece of equipment. When I choose that, it brings up the pickup ticket. It shows me this 20 kilowatt generator that I need to pick up, giving me the unit number and serial number to grab. Let’s close out of that and now, if I go to the same ‘shipping and receiving’ screen, this will allow me to register that I’ve received that shipment.

You’ll notice there’s a couple of dates here. I’ve got the effective date of billing and the actual movement date. So, in the event that this was called off-rent as of 2-26, let’s say, but you weren’t actually able to get out there until 2-28, you can register the movement date as of that date, but the effective date of the billing, the end of the billing might be on 2-26. These dates can be different.

Now I’m going to go ahead and select this, say that I have received that, so I choose to post and what that does, is post the receipt against that particular generator, so now that generator has been received back in the office and we can go ahead and put it away. Now you can print off what we call, a ‘put away ticket’ if you wish, right from the screen, as well, to finalize this receipt. If I choose to ‘print preview,’ this now brings up our ‘put away ticket,’ telling you that you need to put away ‘unit number 0-0-4.’

That is the demonstration video for ‘shipping and receiving.’ Be sure to watch the demonstration video on “Rental Billing” to learn more about how you can go ahead and bill your contracts.

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