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Download Instructions Here: CSM for Magento Initial Setup Documentation – Order Management

CSM Initial Setup

This document presents setup information regarding the CSM for Magento Order Management functionality for Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Please ensure that the CSM for Magento app and its dependent apps are correctly installed in your Dynamics 365 Business Central instance before proceeding.

Manage the Magento for CSM Extension

CSM requires a setting to allow it to initiate communication to Magento.  This setting can be found in the Business Central Extension Manager.  You can press the gear in the upper right to search for a page to navigate to.

Find Channel Sales Manager for Magento in the list of extensions, and select the ellipses (three vertical dots), and select configure from the drop-down menu.

Ensure that the “Allow HttpClient Requests” switch is on.

CSM Role Center

CSM provides a Role Center with content specific to CSM functionality.  It is recommended that this Role Center be enabled to best understand this setup documentation.

To enable the CSM Administrator Role Center:

  • Logon to Dynamics 365 Business Central and ensure that your company is set correctly.
  • Search for “My Settings” or go to the Gear in the upper, right-hand corner and choose “My Settings” and change your Role Center to “CSM Administrator”.

  • Your screen should now refresh to the CSM Administrator Role Center.

CSM Setup

To initially setup CSM for Magento, you first need to load the API and Sales Channel Data for your Magento site.  This should take 5 minutes or less.

First, you need to navigate to CSM Setup.  You can search for CSM Setup by pressing the light bulb and entering “CSM Setup”, or just wait for the Role Center Insights pane to display “New to CSM?” and click the hyperlink.  Either way, you should end up on the CSM Setup page.

Enter information into the License Company Name, Contact, and Email Fields.  Please ensure that the email address is present and valid.

Next, from the new Menu, Press CSM for Magento Free Trial.  This will allow to use CSM for Magento, free of charge for 30 days.

Select Actions -> Magento Quick Setup.

This will start the Magento Setup Wizard.

On the first page of the wizard, select your version of Magento, and turn on the last three switches.

For the second page of the wizard, enter information relating to your Magento server.

On the third page of the wizard, enter information relating to your Magento Sales Channel (Store).

The fourth page of the wizard is a confirmation page. If you choose “Next,” CSM will load and setup the Magento data.  If you press “Back,” you can make changes to what you have already entered.  Pressing the “X” on the upper right of the wizard window will cancel the setup.

Press “Finish” on the Final Page and the Wizard will close.


There are two values on the CSM Setup page that you should set.  These determine how long API message information and logs are retained.

Close the CSM Setup page, and you should return to the CSM Role Center.

At this point in time, if your host name and credentials are valid, you should be able to conduct a small communication test.  After returning to the role center, select the new Sales Channel the setup wizard created.

Next, select API’s, then Test Channel Communication.

If successful, a dialog showing the Magento Edition and Version should display.

Next, you will want to set the time and date starting point for order retrieval.  The date you enter, will cause CSM to ask Magento for all order information that has been added, or has changed since the time and date you enter.  After that point, CSM will automatically update this time and date to ensure that there are no gaps in the communication.  To Set the starting Order Retrieval Start time and date:

The Starting Date and Time dialog will then appear.

Enter your desired starting date and time for order retrieval, then you are all set to download orders.